During realization scheduled goal, we are incessantly improving machinery. Currently, we have wide range of CNC machines based on FANUC and HAIDENHAIN steering what lets us make the most complicated and precision parts. Moreover while production processes realiztion, we use only proven and efficient tools of many reputable companies.

Potential of our machinery are:
  • MCU 630V-5X milling center (5-axis),
  • MIKRON UM 710/900 milling center (5-axis),
  • RNC 400 MULTITURN turning center (4-axis),
  • CNC MAS S80i STANDARD lathe.

Equipment we use for monitoring and measuring:

  • coordinational measuring machine SHEFFIELD DISCOVERY D28,
  • measuring microscope KESTREL along with reading unit QUADRA-CHECK 200,
  • surface thikness measuring tool DUALSCOPE MPOR,
  • roughness measuring tool HOMMEL TESTER,
  • standard measuring tools

assures 100% measure of making by us products, thanks to that we are able to face any requirements and expectings of our clients.